Major Laser Facilities In India
Listing the Major laser facilities in India
Some of the major laser facilities in the area of lasers are listed below. The list is not exhaustive. Suggestions about any addition / correction are welcome.
  1. Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
  2. Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
  3. Laser Science & Technology Centre, Delhi
  4. Instruments Research & Development Establishment
  5. International School of Photonics, Cochin
  6. Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati
  7. Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai
  8. Raman Research Institute, Bangalore
  9. Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad
  10. University of Pune, Pune
  11. University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram

Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

Optical Fiber Splicing and Characterization Set-up, High Power Lasers, Optical Fiber Fusion Facility, Diode Pumped Nd: Yag Laser, Facility for Optical Phase Conjugation with Photorefractives, OTF bench, Dynamic Holographic Recording Set-up, Thermoplastic Photoconductor Holocamera, Image Processing System with CCD Camera, Photon-Correlator, Laser Ablation System, Real-time Spectroscopy System. Excimer Lasers, Liquid Helium Closed Cycle Cryogenic Systems. Vibration-free Platforms and Argon Laser for Holographic Work, Spatial Light Modulators. Polarizing Microscope, Optical Multichannel Analyzer, Titanium Sapphire Laser. Attenuated Total Reflection (ATR) Set-up in IR Range. Sputtering (RF, DC and Magnetron) for Thin Films, Reactive Ion-beam/Ion-assisted Deposition of Composites, Hot-filament CVD of Diamond and Diamond-like Carbon Films, Oxy-acetylene Combustion/Microwave Plasma CVD for Thin Films. Spray Pyrolysis for Mixed Semiconductors/Diamond Transparent Conductors and Buffer Layers, Optical Spectrum Analyzer, Fused Optical Fiber Coupler Drawing Facility, Sol-gel Growth Set-up of Thin Films for Oxides.

Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

Fiber optics lab, High power semiconductor lasers, Integrated optics lab, Scanning Electron Microscope, X- Ray Diffractometer, Transmission Electron Microscope, ESCA / Auger, Optical emission spectrometer, Photoluminescence Set-up, R.F. Sputtering Unit, Vacuum Coating Unit with E-beam and D.C. Sputtering Systems.

Laser Science & Technology Centre, Delhi

Czochralski Crystal Puller, Ion Beam Sputtering Unit, Cary Spectrophotometer, Zygo Interferometer, X-Ray Diffractometer / Fluorescence Spectrometer, IR Interferometer, CAD and Simulation facilities,

Instruments Research & Development Establishment

Software for Optics Design, Single Point Diamond Turning (SPDT) Facility for Micro-machining, LASER Interferometer, CAD / CAM Facility, Thermal Systems Evaluation Facility, Night Vision Hall, 3-Axes Stabilization Test Facility, Environmental Test Laboratory.

International School of Photonics, Cochin

Ultra fast Ti-Sapphire Laser, Ultra fast T-Sapphire Amplifier, 5 watt CW DPSS laser, Q-switched Nd :YLF Green Laser, Optical Parametric Oscillator, Nd: YAG lasers, high power Argon ion laser, Diode pumped Nd:YVO4 laser, Ring-Dye laser, Pulsed dye laser, Helium-Cadmium laser, Nd: Glass laser, Carbon dioxide laser, Nitrogen laser, Semiconductor diode lasers, He-Ne lasers, UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer, CCD based monochromator / spectrometer, CCD based image scanner, Optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR), Spectral analyzer, Monochromators, Physical vapor deposition units, Photoacoustic cells.

Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati

Q switched high power Nd:YAG laser, Laser Ablation set-up, Multiple beam interferometry set-ups, Fiber optics communication set-up, Monochromator, CCD, Atomic Force Microscope (AFM), closed cycle He refrigerators, powder X-ray diffractometer, differential scanning calorimeter (DSC), FT-IR spectrometer, ultraviolet - visible - near infrared spectrophotometer, photoluminescence (PL) / fluorescence spectrometer, thin film coating unit, Photoacoustic spectrometer.

Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai

Various modern techniques of thin films deposition such as Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), Pulse Laser Deposition (PLD), Langmuir Blodgett Trough, Sputtering unit of high power etc., Ultrafast Laser, X-ray diffraction apparatus for studying the bulk and thin films material.

Raman Research Institute, Bangalore

Femtosecond laser system with amplifier, generating 100fs laser pulses, frequency doubler and tripler, and single shot autocorrelator, Nanosecond Nd: YAG laser with second harmonic output, UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, Monochromator, Fiber optic spectrometer, Laser beam Profiler, Ultra High Vacuum Chamber (300 lts Volume), 10W NdVO4 pump laser, Pulsed Nd:YAG laser capable of giving out 10ns pulses at a rate of 10 pulses per second. The fundamental IR radiation has energy of 850mJ per pulse, frequency doubled green 450mJ and the frequency tripled UV 200mJ.

Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad

Mobile Micropulse Lidar for Aerosol optical depth studies during day and night, Lidar at Mt Abu for Measurement of atmospheric temperature and aerosol profiles, Infrared Telescope (At Mt. Abu) for Studies of stellar evolution, Extra-galactic Astronomy, Pulsar phenomenon, etc., Facility at Thaltej for Logitech Thin/Polished Section Preparation Facility.

University of Pune, Pune

14 MeV neutron generator, Microtron (electron accelerator upto 8 MeV), Fields Emission Microscope and Atom Probe, Scanning Tunneling Microscope, High vacuum and UHV Systems, ESCA Machine, Scanning Electron Microscope, Atmospheric Cloud Chamber (-30oC), Deposition Chambers with Vacuum Pumps,Thermoluminiscence Measurement System (-80oC to +50oC), Zeiss Axiovert Microscope (Inverted) with laser interface + CCD + Monitor, Excimer Lasers, Nd: YAG (Oscillator + Amplifier), Ruby Laser (Oscillator + Amplifier), CO2 Laser (CW), Optical Multichannel Analyzer, He- Ne Lasers, Low Angle X-ray Diffractometer, Bulk X-ray Diffractometer, UV - VIS. - IR Spectrophotometers, Photoluminiscence Apparatus, Tally Step, Ellipsometer .

University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram

He-Ne and Diode lasers, Optical fibers, Optical fiber kits, Optical Time Domain Reflectometer, Micro-optic bench, CCD camera.


Updated: 12 October, 2018